Terms & Conditions

By browsing and ordering through the Unity Hair website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions as well as our Privacy Policy which, combined, govern the use of this website.

Information regarding payment, returns and shipping can be found in the relevant sections of our website as well as our FAQs.

If you are unsure of anything that is stated in the following terms and conditions or in our Privacy Policy, you should contact Unity Hair before purchasing.

Governing Law

All disputes regarding this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Queensland. The parties agree that the Courts of Queensland shall have jurisdiction over any legal disputes arising from this Agreement.


In our terms and conditions:

  • “Customer” refers to the legal entity or person identified in a sales document, invoice or quote provided by our company.
  • “Material” refers to any information (which includes but isn’t limited to drawings, source codes and data) or images of any type (whether or not they are visible) that are used or stored on our website.
  • “Agreement” is referring to our terms and conditions, which includes the terms of any order that you, the user, have placed through our website.
  • “Products” refer to items we have listed on our website, whether they are for sale or not, including our extended warranties.
  • “Delivery Cost” refers to the costs that are associated with delivery of our products or goods as an Order specifies.
  • “Website” is referring to our internet site that is located at the URL www.unityhair.com.au and operated by our company.
  • “Goods” refers to the products that an order lists.
  • “Pre-sale” refers to any items that are sold, anticipating that they are in stock on or around the date of dispatch that is stated on the website’s product listing.

Within this agreement, reference to the singular will also include the plural, reference to a statute or act includes any statute or act that modifies, replaces or supersedes early statutes or acts, reference to persons will include all associations and bodies, including incorporated and corporate, or vice versa.

Website Use

Links to other sites may be included on this website. The links are only provided for your convenience and may not be maintained or current. We are not responsible for privacy practices or content associated with any linked web sites.

It is your duty to make sure that your use of or access to this website is not prohibited or illegal by any laws that may apply to you.

When you access the website, you need to take precautions on your own to ensure that you do not put yourself at risk for malicious computer code, viruses or other types of interference that may result in damage to your computer. We take no responsibility for any damage that may result when you use our website.


Unless otherwise specified, all the prices that are listed on our website are listed in Australian Dollars and include any applicable taxes unless the price specifies otherwise.

Prices may change and notice is not required. Once you confirm an order, the prices for the items in that particular order are fixed. Any price changes, both down or up, will not be applied retroactively to orders that have already been confirmed.

If you enter a Discount Code when you check out, the discount code will be applied to any Goods in your order and not to any Delivery Costs associated with the order.

When you make an order, you are agreeing to pay the delivery charges as they are listed and calculated within the Order confirmation when you make the purchase.


The specifications and features of our Products that are depicted or described on our website are subject to change and do not require notice. Any dimensions and weights mentioned are approximate.

The Customers agrees to use the Goods for their intended purpose only and Unity Hair takes no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred from misuse of Goods.


An order may be placed by completing the checkout process on our website, and then by clicking on the “confirm” button. Once the order is placed, you will be issued an Order Number. The Order Number will be delivered to you by email. When you place your Order, you are making an offer to our company to buy the Products that you have selected based upon the Terms and Conditions we have laid out here.

Your order will be deemed as received by our company when we send you an Order confirmation to the email address you have provided to us. Our company reserves the right to refuse any sale and orders placed are subject to acceptance by Unity Hair. Unaccepted orders will be reimbursed.

Since we are an online business, we will primarily use email to communicate with our customers. It is your responsibility to make sure that you enter the correct contact details and that you check the chosen email address regularly for our correspondence.

Our company reserves the right to cancel or not accept any Orders that request Goods in commercial quantities.

Our company reserves the right to alter the specification at any time in terms of the Goods without providing the Customer with notice, but only in the interest of regular improvement. This type of an alteration in Goods does not entitle you to cancel the order, to return the Product or to avoid your liabilities and obligations pursuant to these provided Terms and Conditions.

Our company does not accept responsibility for any Orders that are not accepted or declined because of internet connection disruptions or problems.

Ownership of Goods and Delivery

Any parties involved acknowledge that the Goods may encounter damage when they are in transit with carriers, and in this case, the customer should contact our company to notify us of this damage.

Any dispatch dates provided on the website are an estimated dispatch date that our company reasonably estimates and it may change without notice.

When the customer signs for the delivery of the purchased Goods, they take on the risk and title in the Goods.

For any parcels that are deemed to be “oversize” (i.e. weighs more than 25kg), customers may be required to assist (or have someone else on hand to assist) with the carrying of the parcel to the front door from the delivery vehicle, unless customers previously arrange for an alternative service of dispatch with our company.

Damaged or Faulty Goods

If a Good is faulty within the initial 7 days after the delivery is made or is damaged when it is delivered, and the customer notifies our company of the damage or fault within the initial 7 days after delivery is made, our company will provide a replacement product free of charge. If the item is no longer available, an alternative product of equal or lesser value will be offered or a full refund, including postage costs. The 7 day period noted commences on the date that the delivery of our company’s product is accepted by the customer. If no proof of delivery is available, the date will be assumed to be three business days after the product date of dispatch.

When issues occur outside of the 7 Day period, each fault will be dealt with in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and the applicable warranty provided by the manufacturer.

For any claims regarding faulty or damaged products, our company may require photographic evidence.

Our company reserves the sole discretion to decide whether the Goods provided are damaged or faulty.

Our company may seek the reimbursement of the costs that may be incurred by us when we find that a returned product is in good working order.

Any insignificant variations between the Goods that a Customer receives and images that are shown on our website, or damage only to packaging, is not considered a fault. Customers acknowledge that no two items can be identical, and that any items that are viewed on a computer screen image may not always be identical to the actual view of that particular item.


Electrical products sold through this Website where the manufacturer has provided a warranty will have that warranty passed on to the customer.

In cases where a Good that is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty experiences a fault, the terms and conditions of that warranty must be followed in order to rectify the fault. In most cases, this will require communication with the manufacturer and not Unity Hair.

Reviews and Comments

By submitting a product review or comment via our website, you give Unity Hair permission to use, reproduce, modify and publish that review and will not expect any form of payment for these reviews or comments. In publishing any reviews or comments, you give permission for your first name, suburb and state to be published also.

Reviews and comments are the opinion of the individual who has submitted the review or comment and in no way represent the opinion of Unity Hair.

Intellectual Property

Any and all Intellectual Property found in any Material on our Website is considered the property of our company. Unless it is expressly authorised under this Terms and Conditions Agreement, or otherwise, no one may adapt, display, distribute, perform, modify or reproduce any part of or any Material found on this website.


You waive, discharge, relinquish and release any and all claims that you may have or have now against our company which are connected with, relate to, are incidental to or arise out of your use of our company’s website.

You agree to keep indemnified and to indemnify our company and to hold harmless from and against all and any claims, taxes, expense, loss, liability and/or damage that may be incurred by our company arising in connection with or out of your use of our website and the use of any of our company’s products outside of the specifications provided by the manufacturers, which are included in product manuals.


To the extent that is permitted by the law, we will not be held liable for any loss of contracts, loss of profits, loss of data, loss of income, or any other consequential or indirect damage or loss of any type, howsoever arising and whether caused by breach of contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise; and our maximum aggregate liability for any of the Products that are supplied to you, whether in tort, contract, or otherwise, will in no circumstances exceed the amount payable to us by you in respect of the products in question.

To remove any doubt, nothing found in this clause restricts or limits your ability to make a claim available to you for our company’s failure to comply with any of the guarantees found in the Australian Consumer Law.
Unity Hair may provide advice on our website regarding the use of products. However, this advice does not replace professional advice and cannot address specific concerns of individuals. We take no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from this advice.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and every transaction will be governed by the terms and conditions listed on the transaction date.


Unity Hair is committed to keeping your privacy and personal information protected due to our ethical and legal commitment to comply with any relevant laws, and more importantly, because our company understands that you care how your information may be shared and used. We will not share, rent, sell or otherwise disclose any personally identifiable information in violation of any laws.

Personal information about our customers is gathered by our company for the following purposes:

  • Expanding the company’s business;
  • Complying with any legal obligations;
  • Delivering or supplying products to you, or marketing products to you; and
  • Developing and improving our products.
  • As we deal with our customers, we may collect and keep this type of information, including:
  • Information about individuals who are target customers or customers as provided to us by those individuals, or information that was obtained by public domain sources, including newspapers or magazines.
  • Information about personal attributes, means of communication with and info about roles of employees, officers and other corporation representatives with whom our company deals, incidentally collected while dealing with corporations.
  • Information provided to us for the purpose of benefiting from our reward program.
  • Email addresses and names provided to us for the purpose of receiving our newsletter.

The previously mentioned information may be held in hard copy and data storage systems but will only be lawfully accessed by contractors, employees or company officers that are required to access this information in order to perform their functions.

From time to time, we may employ other individuals and companies to perform certain functions on behalf of our company. In these specific circumstances, personal information may be disclosed to these individuals or companies to enable them to provide services to you on our behalf.

Credit card details are not stored by Unity Hair and only kept for the amount of time necessary to process payment for a transaction.

If a customer experiences an allergic reaction from the use of one of our products, we may pass on the customer’s details to the relevant product manufacturer for the purpose of obtaining more details regarding the reaction.

Cookies are used on our website for the sole purpose of providing data to analyse website statistics.

Please contact Unity Hair if you would like to know what information we hold about you or if you feel that information we hold about you is no longer current.

If you feel we have breached any privacy laws, please contact us in writing by emailing customercare@unityhair.com.au. We will respond as quickly as we can with our agreed course of action. If you are unhappy with our response, you are within your rights to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.